Working groups

Acute Endophenotypes Working Group

Analysis Working Group

Among the goals of this committee are to increase efficiency of analyses and create an expert community to aid in solving problems faced by less experienced ISGC members.

CHARGE Working Group

Cognitive Working Group

Communication Working Group

Early Career Researcher (ECR) Working Group

Early-Onset Stroke Working Group

Our mission is to decipher genetic determinants, both single gene and complex inheritance of early-onset stroke and cerebrovascular disease and search for the pathways through which they alter stroke susceptibility. We expect that this effort will lead to better treatments for Mendelian forms of stroke and will identify novel biological mechanisms that are also relevant to older-onset stroke.

Imaging Working Group

This group undertakes harmonization of image characterization/measurement approaches across ISGC centers and contributes images to the ISGC-NINDS stroke imaging repository at MGH.

Intracerebral Hemorrhage Working Group

Intracranial Aneurysm Working Group


Multiomics Working Group

Outcomes Working Group

Formed in the fall of 2012, this group is responsible for harmonizing stroke outcome measures across member sites.

Outreach Working Group

This working group is devoted to expanding ISGC participation to underrepresented regions and populations.

Scientific Committee

During the meetings, the bi-annual ISGC workshop is planned. Specifically, the dates, meeting location and agenda are planned as well as the themes and focus of each workshop.

Steering Committee

Committee members are elected by an ISGC-wide vote. During the meeting, ISGC project proposals are reviewed, future goals and developments are discussed and general action items are addressed.

Translational Research Working Group

The goal of this group is uniting researchers whose goal is to use genetic and genomic tools to improve understanding of the pathophysiologic basis of cerebrovascular disease.