March Virtual Mini-Workshop on: Stroke Outcome Genetics

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March 30, 2021

The ISGC Virtual Mini-Workshop on: Stroke outcome genetics, to be held on March 30, 2021 (Europe/the Americas); March 31, 2021 (East Asia/Australia). Time: 9-10.30 PM CEST, 8-9.30 PM UK, 3-4.30 PM EDT, 2-3.30 CDT, 4-5.30 AM Seoul/Tokyo, 6-7.30 Sydney/Melbourne. Stroke outcome genetics is a new, rapidly developing field with many areas of interest such as: genetics of acute endophenotypes after stroke, domain-specific recovery, long term recovery, cognition, and rehabilitation. The exciting program includes: •Guest speakers: Prof Ingrid Kockum, Karolinska Institute and Prof Zaal Kokaia, Lund University •ISGC “Science Pitch”: several short presentations given by stroke outcome genetics researchers •Presentations of joint projects in stroke outcome genetics •Possibilities for questions and discussion This mini-workshop is hosted by: Christina Jern, Jane Maguire, Arne Lindgren.
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