Professor Wai Kwong Tang, MBChB, MD

Professor Wai Kwong Tang was appointed to professor in the Department of Psychiatry, the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2011. His main research areas are Addictions and Neuropsychiatry in Stroke. Professor Tang has published over 100 papers in renowned journals, and has also contributed to the peer review of 40 journals. He has secured over 20 major competitive research grants. He has served the editorial boards of more than 100 scientific journals. He was also a recipient of the Young Researcher Award in 2007, awarded by the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

In terms of neuropsychiatry in stroke, he has demonstrated the impact of cerebral microbleeds on the risk, severity and outcome of post stroke depression. Our findings have subsequently been replicated by other researchers. He became the member of the editorial boards of many journals in the field, including the Cerebrovascular Diseases. In a landmark study of the impact of cerebral microbleeds on post stroke depression, published in Stroke, he showed that cerebral microbleeds not only increased the risk of post stroke depression, but also impacted on the course of post stroke depression. He also examined the brain imaging biomarkers of various neuropsychiatric disorders in stroke survivors, such as anxiety, dementia, fatigue, apathy and suicide.