Professor Stephen S Rich, PhD

Dr Rich's research is centered on understanding the genetic epidemiology of complex human disease, including the genes contributing to atherosclerosis, stroke and intermediate phenotypes (risk factors). These studies range from estimating the familial aggregation of disease and subclinical markers of disease within families, to gene mapping, gene discovery and functional significance of gene variants. In the realm of atherosclerosis and risk factors, the primary study population is the Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (MESA), a collection of ~6,000 adults (aged 45+) without evidence of clinical disease. These subjects have extensive imaging, biomarker and clinical longitudinal data, as well as DNA for genetic studies.

A primary goal of Dr Rich's research efforts is to identify novel genes and pathways that can serve as predictors of risk, identify those at highest risk of disease and therefore are amenable to intervention, and to develop models of disease through manipulation of of these genes and thus identify potential therapeutic targets.