Access ISGC Data

Data sharing is a crucial goal of the ISGC. The resources below allow access to individual-level and summary-level data collected and produced by the ISGC.


Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal (CDKP):

The Cerebrovascular Disease Knowledge Portal enables browsing, searching, and analysis of human genetic information linked to cerebrovascular disease and related traits, while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of the underlying data. Click here to access the CDKP data.



The NINDS Stroke Genetics Network (SiGN) is a large international collaboration designed to detect genetic variants that predispose to subtypes of ischemic stroke. The study implements a genome wide association study (GWAS) methodology with all stroke cases undergoing phenotypic and stroke-subtype classification using the same web-based Causative Classification of Stroke (CCS) system, with data entered by trained and certified adjudicators at participating Research Centers (GRC's). Click here to access SiGN data.



The MEGASTROKE consortium, a large-scale international collaboration launched by the International Stroke Genetics Consortium, releases the summary statistics from the 2018 meta-analysis of Genome-wide Association (GWA) data in stroke and stroke subtypes to enable other researchers to explore these data for scientific purposes. The files include P-values, betas, and standard errors at all SNPs represented in MEGASTROKE. Click here to access MEGASTROKE data.



The CHARGE Consortium working groups may release summary data from genome-wide meta analyses to allow the scientific community to examine associations of variants or loci of their interest for association with these traits. The files typically include p-values and direction of effect for millions of genotyped or imputed single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs). Some of these results are now available via dbGaP accession phs000930, where association results can be viewed in the Genome Browser and full summary statistics can be downloaded via authorized access. Click here to access CHARGE data.


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