Multiomics Working Group

Chair / Co-Chairs: Myriam Fornage and Carlos Cruchaga

The goal of this group is to we generate genetic and omic data for stroke cases and controls and use novel approaches to understand the biological processes that lead to disease. Multi-level data integration is already facilitating precision medicine and advancing medicine at the individual patient level. The identification of novel disease- associated genes, linking gene variants to human phenotypes, and the use of Mendelian randomization (a method to estimate causal effects) to predict biomarker validity or drug response are some examples of the kind of data integration of deeply clinical and molecular phenotyped cohorts. These approaches will put us one step closer to not only precision medicine but also precision treatment timing, as we will be able to predict when is the best time for a specific treatment. In summary, the mission of this group is to integrate genetics, omics and functional genomics studies in stroke and translate them into improvements in human health through better understanding of the molecular underpinnings of disease.