CHARGE Working Group

Chair / Co-Chairs: Sudha Seshadri; Myriam Fornage; Stéphanie Debette

The Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology (CHARGE) working group within the ISGC coordinates genomic and other omic studies on stroke and MRI-markers of cerebrovascular disease in population-based cohort studies. This WG has a special interest in leveraging the added value of the longitudinal design of these cohorts to explore genomic determinants of incident stroke and stroke fatality, in exploring genetic and epigenetic determinants of various MRI-markers of cerebral small vessel disease and of the vascular contribution to cognitive decline and dementia in a population-based setting. The WG has been actively working on collaborating with additional population-based cohorts and biobanks with an interest in stroke and cerebrovascular disease. Moreover, the richness of the omics data available in most participating cohorts provides excellent grounds to explore more broadly the molecular underpinnings of stroke and cerebrovascular disease and interpret genomic association findings by leveraging multiple omics modalities.