Intracerebral Hemorrhage Working Group

Chair / Co-Chairs: Guido Falcone, Jonathan Rosand, Daniel Woo and Christopher Anderson (liaison with the Translational Research Working Group)

The Intracerebral Hemorrhage (ICH) working group within the International Stroke Genetics Consortium brings together a diverse group of investigators from around the world interested in spontaneous, non-traumatic ICH. Our goal is to understand how rare and common genetic variation influences risk, severity, outcome and recurrence of ICH. Because ICH has an extremely high morbidity/mortality and no proven acute treatments, we seek to identify novel genetic risk loci that may lead to new preventive, therapeutic and rehabilitation strategies for this condition. We are also interested in developing precision medicine approaches based on the integration of genetic and neuroimaging data to tailor antithrombotic treatments in persons at high risk of sustaining an ICH. Our work is centered around regular monthly conference calls where ongoing projects are discussed.