Imaging Working Group

Chair / Co-Chairs: Natalia Rost

The Imaging Working Group aims to harness the full potential for genetic discovery using neuroimaging data available through the participating ISGC sites and MRI-GENIE cohort.  By harmonizing the neuroimagingphenotypic datasets in relation to the genotypic and clinical data, the group is able to expedite and properly power ongoing analyses (e.g., WMH & DWI GWAS, brain volumes & outcomes, CCS stroke subtypes, collateral genetics, PCS genetics) as well as facilitate future analyses of neuroimaging phenotypes (DWI size, CMBs, ventricular measures).  By way of these analyses, the group aims to develop neuroimaging phenotype assessment standards for future genetic and genomic studies in stroke. In fostering collaborations for future genetic discovery in stroke, the Imaging Working Group is positioned to facilitate future ISGC publications and grant applications.